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The Incubation and Startup Centre Congress (ISCC) was founded to accelerate the Government of India’s emphasis on ‘Startup India’ and ‘Standup India’. The GoI, to reach the target of a USD $5 Trillion economy, recognizes the need to encourage potential employers to start and grow their businesses and create jobs for the economy.

While startup support structures have always been abundant in India, 6 out of 10 startups may die in the womb due to lack of market and other factors, which is an abyss of lost opportunities, resources and drive. India’s answer to ranking higher on the innovation index may well lie in galvanizing knowledge for early stage startups, especially ones on-campus, through campus incubators.

Today, The Government Of India is promoting Institutes across the country to play a pivotal role in this startup culture. These Institutes can influence economic and social development, not just through their research and teachings, but also by working in closer sync with the industry on co-curated curricula, commercialising their in-house knowledge and incubating solutions that are hand-held from concept to launch.

Heartwarming stories of entrepreneurial aspirations dot the length and breadth of our country. A young fellow taught himself spoken english through an app and opened a Coaching institute. Most entrepreneurs, however, need a lot more hand-holding, especially in the early stages. Our goal through ISCC is to create enablers that fan and sustain such possibilities, using the university's centralized resources to support the process of doing everything right from the beginning. Such entrepreneurial hubs that inspire new thought, action, and solutions for a better India by throwing light on strategic and operational best practices in campus incubation are the need of the hour. Campus incubation is not just about infrastructure, but needs sector-specific business planning and linkages, as well as incentivizing the right outcomes for all stakeholders involved to truly create sustainable, scalable and replicable models for campus incubators.

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